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About HGH Pens!

The HGH pens are the latest formulations of the HGH supplements which have been introduced in the markets. The pens are the reworked form of HGH injections released by the manufacturers.

However the HGH injections are known to provide benefits in the least possible time. With HGH pens, manufacturers have tried to make HGH injections safe to use, at the same time keeping their benefits intact.

The HGH pens- what are they?  

HGH pen are the changed form of HGH injections which come with refill cartridges. We all know that the HGH injections are used through syringes which are pierced into the veins each time they are injected. In contrary to HGH injections, the pens are easy to use, fast, and reliable and there is almost no pain involved in using them. 

Now almost all the major brands are providing these HGH pens. Some of the major names include Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Merck, Teva, Genentech, Sandoz and Novo-Nordisk.....

The Benefits of pens

  • Easy muscle growth with enhanced protein synthesis
  • Increase in density of bones
  • Enhanced capability of body to absorb minerals and calcium
  • Improved body cholesterol and sugar levels
  • Helps in keeping body weight under check
  • Improved memory and cognitive actions
  • Helps in fighting aging problems like loss of memory and Alzheimers
  • Have anti aging effects like removal of wrinkles
  • Helps in cure of problems like GH deficiency and Prader-Willi Syndrome

These are some of the major benefits that users get on using HGH pens. You all can make their use for easy body development and growth.



Some HGH Pens (Click here for the complete list) :




Novo Nordisk - 15iu



Eli Lilly - 18iu



Pfizer USA - 36iu


GENOTROPIN MiniQuick 7 Syringes

Pfizer USA - 0,2 mg / 0,25 ml



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Important Notice:

- To purchase any HGH pens on this website you must have a minimum of 18 years of age

- All HGH Products are for personal use not for resale

- No HGH prescription is require

- 100% refund if seized by customs


We do not give any medical advisories to any of our customers, we consider that there are enough websites that do.

We are simply specialized in furnishing quality safe and legal HGH at the best price on the market.




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HGH Pens

Humatropen 18iu

Norditropin "Flexpro Pen" 15iu

Norditropin "Nordiflex" 30iu

Seizen 8mg click.easy 24iu

Genotropin GoQuick 36iu

Genotropin Miniquick 0,2mg x7

Omnitrope Pen 5 / 15iu



Humatrope 18iu ($14/iu)

Jintropin 40 iu ($2,7/iu)

Saizen 48iu ($16/iu)

Serostim 126iu ($5,16/iu)


Other Products

Genotropin 36iu

Glotropin 80iu
Hygetropin 200iu

IGF1 Global 3x1000 mg

Norditropin 30iu

Protophin 64iu

Somatropin 80iu

Unitropin 45iu


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